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TEUFEL, Inc. originally began as Norman Teufel, Inc. in 1971 when Norman Teufel developed the original Swinger RingŪ. He used stainless steel ball bearings in combination with fine crafted jewelry. The rings were a hit from the very beginning, and he began to manufacture them in Beverly Hills, California.

In 1975, Norman won the DeBeers Diamonds International Award, and continued to win 4 additional Diamonds Today Awards through 1981.

Cameron Teufel, Norman's son, began his apprenticeship with his father at 14 years of age in 1970. He was an integral part of the business since its inception and worked along side his father. He eventually became the designer as well as the engineer of TEUFEL motion rings.

In 1991, Norman Teufel retired, and Cameron Teufel took the company into the second generation. It remains a family business dedicated to hand-crafted jewelry of the highest quality.

TEUFEL, Inc., manufactures motion jewelry exclusively and we copyright all of our designs. The rings are engineered to handle daily wear and carry a 5 year warranty. The factory is located in California, and every TEUFEL Swinger RingŪ has been, and always will be, manufactured in the United States of America.

TEUFEL, Inc., has the distinction of being the originator of the Swinger RingŪ and we have proudly stood behind our product for over 30 years.