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Q. How do you pronounce TEUFEL?
A. It rhymes with 'joyful'.

Q. Who invented Swinger RingsŪ?
A. Norman Teufel created the first Swinger RingŪ in 1971.

Q. How do your rings work?
A. We use a stainless steel center shaft for strenght and durability and stainless steel ball bearings. The rings are precision engineered with a counter balance to create a smooth, fluid movement.

Q. Do your rings have a warranty?
A. All TEUFEL motion jewelry is guaranteed against any manufacturing defect for 5 years from the date of purchase. For further details, please refer to our Warranty page.

Q. Can I wear my TEUFEL Swinger RingŪ everyday?
A. Yes! We would be thrilled it you did. Even though our rings are fine jewelry and are engineered to move, they are also made to handle everyday wear. We do recommend that you care for your Swinger RingŪ as you would any other piece of fine jewelry.

Q. Do you make other jewelry besides Swinger RingsŪ?
A. No. We have designed and manufactured motion jewelry exclusively since 1971.

Q. Do you make men's motion rings?
A. Sorry, we do not make a line of men's jewelry. However, our Conundrum Collection can be modified to cuff links upon request.

Q. Do you make custom Swinger RingsŪ?
A. Most of the time, your ring merely requires cleaning.

Q. What quality diamonds are set in TEUFEL motion jewelry?
A. Our rings are set with SI-1 or better F-G Color.

Q. Can I purchase directly from TEUFEL Inc?
A. Our manufacturing facility is not able to accomodate retail purchases. However, we have carefully selected the retail stores who feature our motion jewelry. Please contact us to locate a retail store near you.

Q. My ring is not moving freely. What should I do?
A. Most of the time, all you need to do is clean your ring. Our maintenance insturctions include simple cleaning directions. Please feel free to contact us if you require further assistance.

Q. Can I use jewelry cleaner to clean my Swinger RingŪ?
A. WAIT! First check the ingredients of your jewelry cleaner. If it contains ammonia, NO! Do not use ammonia, jewelry cleaner containing ammonia, bleach, or any substance that contains bleach or ammonia to clean your ring. It may result in damage to the ball bearings.

Q. I have a TEUFEL Swinger RingŪ that needs sizing or repair. Where should I take it?
A. We stongly urge you to return your ring to the original place of purchase for any service requirements. If that is not convenient for any reason, please contact us.

Q. I have a motion ring that needs repair. How do I know if I own a TEUFEL Swinger RingŪ?
A. Look inside the shank (the band that goes around your finger), and check for our TEUFEL hallmark and the copyright date stamped in the gold. It may read N. TEUFEL or C. TEUFEL, and there will be a copyright symbol with the year of the design. It those two items are not inside the shank, most likely it is not a TEUFEL original. If you are still in doubt, please feel free to contact us.

Q. My ring is not a TEUFEL Swinger RingŪ. Can you still repair it?
A. Unfortunately, we don't.